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Nail fingus is also known as Onychomycosis, caused by dermatophytes, yeasts and non-dermatophyte moulds, living in hot and humid places can also be troublesome, nails will thicken and become brittle, crumble or ragged.
I'm not going to lie. All I want to do is Halloween manicures. I'm trying to hold back a bit because people would get a bit tired of daily posts of Halloween nails! I'll ease into a mood with a orange glitter for starters, how about that?
Tonight I have a long time lemming to show you. I've had KBShimmer Dancing Green on my wishlist for what feels like years, but definitely the better half of a year at least! I was so fortunate to receive a bottle to swatch and review.
If you're a tech-savvy nail tech, keep your eye on a new product launching soon from Chahoo Ltd. of Korea. Twinkle Nail is as thin as regular acrylics, applies to one nail, and lights up when the wearer receives a text message or phone call.
Boldly going where no newspaper has gone before, this beauty pin was a pleasant change to my typical reddish-orange OPI “Cajun Shrimp.” I’ve seen many craft fail websites that have attempted this pin, and very few have turned out as flawless as the original. Honestly, I had no expectation my trial would go any differently.
Remember the young Alanna Wall of Polished Girlz whom we met before here? Polished Girlz, the organization she began when she was only ten, seeks to cheer up hospitalized girls by offering them free manicures, sometimes right in their bed.
What started as a hobby for friends Hillary Taylor and Yvonne Vallejo of Fresno turned into an obsession and then a mini business called Illume Lacquer.
The following selection for nail trends Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 is inspired by fashion shows. It's a fact that it's beautifully manicured nails and well-groomed hands that talk about a woman's style, rather than her face.
I have a billion silver holo glitters but when I saw this at the nail supply yesterday, I instantly knew it'd come home with me. What makes OPI Snow You Love Me from the holiday Mariah Carey collection different?
Good evening! Tonight I have some very playful polishes to show you from Cupcake Polish. Cute, adorable, fun are all words I describe Cupcake Polish. I have six shades do show you, so let's get started!
Hi folks! Two posts again in one night? Lucky you! Hah no, actually I picked up something really exciting today and just couldn't wait to blog about it.
We interrupt your daily New York Fashion Week nail-spotting to bring you this latest from across the globe: Miley Cyrus is in Paris, and she's got some serious nail bling going on.