What does your manicure say about you?

Miss Betty Rose, head manicurist for Miss Frou Frou at Valonz Salon helped to decode what your choice means.
27 August, 2014
What does your manicure say about you?

French, red or nail art devotee?

When faced with an abundance of nail polish shades which range from opaque, to sheer, from cerise to cerulean, not to mention the absolutely overwhelming nail art options that now exist - ombré, reverse French, wraps, appliqués, stencils - it’s not surprising we develop go-tos that work best for our own lives. Sure, we all dabble, but what do the manicures you gravitate towards most say about you? Miss Betty Rose, head manicurist for Miss Frou Frou at Valonz Salon helped to decode what your choice means.

Classic French

One of the most popular manicures, Betty Rose says the French manicure is usually selected by girls who prioritise versatility.

What it says about you: Your style is feminine and you favour classic pieces in your wardrobe. You work hard but still have to attend social events, sometimes at short notice, so this style works for you. And while you might not opt for this every time, on the occasions that you do you’re probably feeling a little more practical.


Red is a popular option for those who like a bit of colour, but still want to match their manicures to your outfit. 

What it says about you: “Red nails are sophisticated, but have a… vampy edge,” says Rose. “Girls that wear read nail polish are classic but contemporary and are usually confident.”


Pinks and nudes often take up the most space in every nail parlour on the shelf of polishes for a reason. It’s highly versatile, low maintenance and modern.

What it says about you: As this colour is so easy to wear, it’s popular with girls that want minimal fuss. “Girls who are polished, understated and a minimalist paint their nails nude,” says Rose. 

Nail art

While there’s a plethora of nail art styles out there, let’s say we’re referring to the most outlandish in this instance like palm trees, animals and crystals.

What it says about you: “Nail art is usually requested by clients that are a little more daring and aren’t afraid to push their individual style boundaries,” says Rose. We say save this for special occasions and make sure it works with what you’re wearing.

Reverse French

A subdued take on nail art the reverse French is when you colour the moons on your nails, or the tip that would normally be white in the traditional French manicure.

What it says about you: Rose says she sees this style chosen by women who are understated and want something that makes a statement without being garish. “They’re stylish and elegant,” she says.

Feature nail

The feature nail could be a single nail on each hand that is a different colour to the others like a black, or often a metallic like gold or silver.

What is says about you: You are conscious of trends but don’t want to draw to much attention to yourself. “Feature nail manicures are for those who may be afraid to commit to a full nail art manicure but still want to be a little creative with their nails,” says Rose.


The black nail has shed its associations with subcultures and rebellion and has become something of a staple in nail salons.

What it says about you: You follow trends but aren’t beholden to them and like to include a classic element in your outfits. Rose advises it’s best to get this done professionally so they stay in top condition. “Chipped black polish is a big no no,” she says adding that this is for those who are able to commit to one colour as it’s best done using a long-wear polish.

by Alice Birrell