Stiletto nail art at Pretty Little Polish

What inspires Rowan when she creates her nails?
25 August, 2014

Sometimes nail art can be quite in your face and it’s not really suitable for wearing all the time. However, the nail art from pretty Little Polish is perfect for people wanting to try the stiletto nail shape.

Rowan Rebecca Kevan is the young lady behind Pretty Little Polish. She lives in Scotland and has started college doing beauty therapy and nail technology. When Rowan was 14 she received nail art brushes and would paint her nails for hours. She’s always been really artistic and painting nails is what she loves doing.

In September 2012 she created her Etsy store to earn money. She lives in the country and there aren’t many places to get a weekend job, so setting up her own business was perfect. The business has grown and she gets orders most days.

In February this year she started making nail polish. For her birthday she got all the supplies needed to make nail polish. When you browse through the Etsy shop you find some great designs, some quite simple and some that are a bit more arty.

These ice-cream stiletto nails are really cute as are the red bow stiletto nails. If you prefer something plain she has every colour you could imagine on her webpage.

What inspires Rowan when she creates her nails?

“I get inspired by just about anything! Whenever I’m out and about and in shops, I’m always taking pictures of colour combinations and patterns to inspire my nail art. I really love beachy colours – quite a few of my nail polishes have been inspired by the beach!”

by Jenny Rodgers