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Pet owners, myself included, are notorious for finding our animals to be the cutest things ever, so it's only natural that we'd want to wear them on our nails.
The brand also represents Christian’s copper strands with the metallic Soft Sienna Silk lacquer, while Anastasia’s blue eyes take on nail polish form with the Bahamian Escape and Sunday Funday hues.
Nails by Celebrity Manicurist, Kimmie Kyees
I call it the no-manicure manicure, which means that just like no-makeup makeup, it does, in fact, require nail polish.
“If you notice after a day or two of manicure that you split your nail or if the skin surrounding your cuticles has become dry and flaky, then these are clear signs of poor nail health that should be taken seriously,” said dermatologist Dr. Halah Tariq.
We're not kitten around
Nude nails are like the Little Black Dress of the beauty world: foolproof and failsafe.
Show your mile high spirit with the best Bronco inspired nails and make every cheer, shout and high five a flash of blue and orange.
You'll notice when you apply them that the third coat just adds a hint of magic and a whole new dimension to these holo shades.
For those of you who like your nail art more simple, try an impeccably done single color manicure.
Guest blogger Janna Mandell of Beauty Binge gives us the scoop on the beauty looks created for designers’ Fashion Week shows.
There may only be six shades in range, but just think of all of the possibilities that they could come out with.