The 6 Hottest Nail Trends of 2015

To end the year on a beautiful note, we compiled a list of the six hottest nail trends we saw in 2015—keep scrolling to find out about each one!
16 December, 2015

A far cry from the excessive nail art movement a few years back, 2015 saw a simpler take in the manicure department, with soft, tone-on-tone ombre effects and thin, metallic accents replacing 3D attachments and overly-intricate patterns. In the Fall, the Korean glass manicure arrived stateside, prompting salons and DIY nail artists to affix tiny strips of holographic cellophane to each digit, which created a cool multidimensional shattered appearance. And that's just one of many hot trends to grace manis this year. To end the year on a beautiful note, we compiled a list of the six hottest nail trends we saw in 2015—keep scrolling to find out about each one!

1. Negative Space Nails

    Considered the cut-out dress of the manicure world, negative space patterns—like this version by New York City's Vanity Projects salon—leave a portion of the natural nail bed exposed between areas of solid polish. Try out the trend by placing pieces of nail tape on prior to sweeping on a layer of color. Apply two coats, and once the color dries completely, peel back the tape to reveal your graphic pattern.


2. The Reverse French Manicure

    This isn't the white-on-pink look you wore to senior prom. A Reverse French design swaps the traditional color palette for trendier hues, but incorporates the same contrasting tip and nail bed pattern you've known for years. The shade pairings are endless—simply lacquer up in your base of choice, and swipe a complementary hue across the top.


3. Glass Nails

    The Korean beauty market has had a good year, and in addition to the influx of new makeup and skincare products, glass nails became one of the trendiest topics to take Instagram by storm. The method, created by Eunkyung Park of Seoul's Unistella Salon, involves affixing tiny pieces of holographic cellophane to either a gel or lacquer base to create the most glamorous shattered glass appearance we've ever seen.


4. Minimalist Sparkle

    In lieu of the 3D rhinestones of nail trends past, 2015's take on trendy manicures took the more understated route, with aptly-placed shimmer against a neutral or solid color base.


Matteo Scarpellini/IMAXTREE.COM
5. Subtle Stripes

    No zebra patterns here: At Erin Fetherston's Fall 2015 show, it didn't take more than two thin stripes to make a statement, and the minimalist effect gained popularity at nail salons nationwide.


6. Soft Ombre

    Similar to the way contrasting ombre highlights transformed into "sombre" this year, the effect followed the same pattern in the nail world with much softer hues, as demonstrated by London's trendy Wah Nails salon here.

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