Rules to Live By

“The five rules that I live by whether it be a day of business or a day of pleasure seem to work best when combined with a life based on human integrity,” says Lance Lehne, owner of Lucca Nail Spa in Ocean Shores, Wash., and author of The Nail Tech’s Survival Guide: The 10 Step Handbook to Becoming a Million Dollar Nail Technician.
08 March, 2013

Rule 1: Desire. Upon waking in the morning your desire to face the day and all that it has to offer should be the initial excitement when your feet hit the ground running.

Rule 2: Willingness. Try your best to be willing to give, receive, help, and be helped. Just go that extra mile if the opportunity should present itself. Think outside the box but don’t be a doormat.

Rule 3: Responsibility. This one is huge and should start before you leave home in the morning. Remember to be responsible for the energy that you bring into the room — any room, be it the work place, the gas station, the coffee shop, the break room, or wherever your day takes you. You are the only one responsible for how you act or react.

Rule 4: Education. Stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques along with a few daily hot news topics or current events. This will make you a more interesting person to be around as well as a desired professional, which translates to more referrals.

Rule 5: Confidence. Self-confidence starts by having a good early daily dose of rules #1 thru #4 — if you’ve got those, then rule #5 should be a walk in the park. By now you should hold the confidence of an educated artist with the willingness and desire for any responsibility.

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by Nails Magazine