Review: Nail art at SoH beauty salon

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02 December, 2015

If you haven’t tried nail art – why haven’t you tried nail art? Everywhere I look, I see some sort of nail art on girls' and women’s hands. Diamond-like stones, glitter, portraits, roses – you name it! And guess what? It all looks really, really good.

The misconception used to be that nail art is a tacky trend - for young teenagers who opt for crazy-looking designs.

Long gone are those misconceptions, because the trend is now considered a luxury. Celebrities are sporting it on the red carpet, local bloggers are going mad over it, and beauty centres are creating new designs for it every day.

Not only is nail art now on the pricey side, it’s also (mostly) only done in high-end beauty centres.

So naturally, I decided to give it a try.

And I did, in what I think is one of the coolest beauty salons in Dubai: SoH.

Before I go on about the salon, let’s talk about the actual nail art experience.

My choice in a nutshell: I opted for a mini manicure and chose nail art for my ring and middle finger nails. While you can have it on all fingernails, I didn’t want the manicure to look too crowded and tacky. I suggest that you do that too.

There were many designs available at the salon – you could also customise your own – but I picked a black lace number for my ring finger nails and silver crystals for my middle finger nails. The base polish was a light pink shade.

Pros of my experience: Though it was a normal manicure, not a long-lasting one, it stayed on for almost 2 weeks. The nail art did not smudge and the polish also barely chipped anywhere. The crystals did eventually fall off, but that was almost 2 weeks in. What I liked the most? That everyone at the mall, cafes, and work was asking me about my nails.

Cons of my experience: Naturally, it takes slightly longer than a normal manicure. But it’s only about a 15 minute difference. Plus, I didn’t mind, because the salon plays the latest RnB hits and I was shamelessly singing along to Drake’s Hotline Bling.

The salon itself: SoH has a cool and relaxed vibe – sort of like a street style one too. It has all-white, brick-walls, a nail art menu that is literally painted on the wall, and quirky, colourful artwork and art pieces scattered across its area.

It has a luxury bag and shoe customisation station, so you see artists painting pop art on Hermes Birkins and designer stilettos. In addition, it has a hair section where I witnessed one girl be transformed from plain brunette to having purple ombre locks – a pretty cool change to witness.

Staff: The staff at SoH were very friendly and relaxed. I got my nails done by Yna, who was friendly, positive, and attentive.

Best for: An after-work relaxing experience, a pick-me-up pampering treat, or a pre-event preparation.

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